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Stovax Stoves

Stovax are based in Exeter in Devon and they make a huge range of stoves, from traditional models such as the Stockton, Brunel and Huntingdon, to much more contemporary versions such as their View and Riva Studio insets. Most Stovax stoves are now Defra Exempt, which means you can use them to burn wood cleanly in smoke control areas. 

Stockton 3 multifuel stove Stovax Multifuel Stoves (9)
Stockton 3 multifuel stove Stovax Free Standing Stoves (7)
Stovax Vogue Midi stove Stovax Traditional Stoves (6)
Stovax Riva 50 Stove Stovax Contemporary Stoves (4)
Stovax Riva 55 Stove Stovax Inset Stoves (4)
Stovax View 8 woodburning stove Stovax Wood Burning Stoves (2)


Stovax Stockton Stoves

The Stovax Stocktons are a broad range of steel stoves with heat outputs from 3.75 to 11kW. The large curved viewing windows on these stoves gives a good view of the fire. Many Stocktons are Defra Exempt for smoke control areas, they are well built and good value for money.

Stovax Stockton woodburning cook stove

These Stovax cookstoves let you cook on wood. Whether at home or in a shepherds hut or yurt, the cookstove gives cosy heat and the ability to make hot food.There are 2 models in the range of cookstoves: the 8 and 11.

Stovax Huntingdon stoves

Stovax Huntingdon stoves are a range of elegant cast iron stoves with distinctive arched tracery on the window. The Huntingdon stove models have heat outputs from 5kW to 9kW (so are suited to small – medium sized rooms) and have uniquely concealed door handles and hinges.

Stovax Riva Inset Stoves

Stovax Riva stoves are efficient inset stoves which are Defra Exempt which means you can burn wood on them in smoke control areas. Riva inset stoves have outputs from 4.9kW to 8kW with the larger models able to duct heat to other rooms in the house.

Popular Stovax Stoves