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Dru Multifuel Stoves

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Dru Authorised DealerDru are top of the range, cast iron stoves, made in Norway. Dru stoves seem to me a little better than their direct rivals, just compare the weights of the stoves for a start: the Dru stoves tend to be heavier because they are very solidly built. A Dru stove is built to last for many, many years - that much is clear when you have a good look at how they are made and put together.
dru stove air supply

Dru stoves boast a sophisticated design featuring primary, preheated secondary, and tertiary air supplies, complete with an airwash system for maintaining clarity. Each stove is dedicated to woodburning, with the exception of the versatile Dru 44, which is a multi-fuel stove. For added convenience, the larger models, Dru 64 and Dru 78, sport side-opening doors, facilitating the easy loading of longer logs.

Enhancing user experience, the stainless steel handle, used to operate the main and side doors, is not only tastefully crafted but also fully removable. This not only ensures a cool-to-touch handle but also prevents accidental opening of the stove door.

To ensure safe delivery, Dru stoves are meticulously packaged with a sturdy wooden frame surrounding the unit. Upon receiving your Dru stove, it is essential to consider their weight, especially for the substantial 64 and 78 models. Adequate planning for the arrival of your stove is recommended due to their considerable weight.

Dru 44 MF multifuel stove
Dru 44 multi-fuel stoveRRP £1,325.00£1,125.00 inc. VAT

The Dru 44 is a 4.9kW stove well suited to the smaller room of to provide some secondary heating. The 44 is a woodburning stove made from cast iron.