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Bruno Wood Burning Contemporary Stoves

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bruno woodburning stoves
A bold range of woodburning stoves which could be described as heat engines with their heat transfer tubes form the rounded body of the stove and pass heaps of heat to the room.

Bruno T6 Woodburning Stove

The smallest in the range of stoves, the Bruno T6 wood stove still has a maximum heat output of up to 13kW – this is a woodburning stove suited to a medium sized space.

Bruno T8 Woodburning Stove

The addition of another set of convection tubes raise the maximum heat output of the Bruno T8 woodburning stove up to 16kW, that bit bigger than the Bruno T6 wood stove. You can also fit longer logs into the firebox of the Bruno T8 stove which means less time spent cutting and splitting to load your wood stove.

Bruno T10 Woodburning Stove

Giving out up to 19kW of heat the Bruno T10 woodburning stove is suited to the larger space. The 10 convection tubes of the Bruno T10 wood stove circulate hot air around the room of up to 380 cubic metres.

Bruno T12 Woodburning Stove

At 22kW the Bruno T12 woodburning stove has very high heat output making this stove suited to large open plan rooms.

Bruno T14 Woodburning Stove

The Bruno T14 is one of the largest space heating, woodburning stoves which we offer. The Bruno T14 wood stove gives out up to 25kW of heat and is for the largest rooms.