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Walltherm Wood Burning Inset Stoves

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Walltherm named their range of boiler stoves after a snow covered mountain in the Italian Alps, the Vajolet Towers.  The Vajolet range of boiler stoves have a world beating efficiency of 93%, making them the most efficient woodburning stoves in the world.

The Walltherm Vajolet boiler stoves have taken the ultra clean burning log gasification reverse combustion technology and built it into a stunning looking domestic stove. The gasification process utilises two linked chambers; an upper chamber where the logs are loaded and the initial burn takes place and a lower chamber where the combustion gasses are mixed with secondary air and burn fiercely, producing a temperature between 950°C and 1000°C. The result is more than just ground breaking efficiencies, it also provides a visual treat like no other stove. The main door has a large double glazed panel to watch the fire through, but below that you also have a window showing the gasification chamber with its extraordinary 1000°C flames pouring down through the firebed slot and curling round to enter the heat exchanger tubes at the rear. By the time that gas reaches back up to the flue outlet the temperature will be down to less than 130°C and the house will be warm, the domestic water hot and the thermal store heating up nicely.

The real innovation here isn't just in giving record breaking results from an elegant in house stove, but in achieving this using natural draught and without the use of a fan. Like any stove it will need a good insulated chimney and properly seasoned firewood but it will burn more cleanly and use less fuel than any other stove made today. Highly efficient stoves can be difficult to light, as they send so little heat up the chimney, but the Walltherm is lit with its smoke by-pass open, allowing the stove and chimney to come properly up to temperature before it is turned onto gasification mode.

Walltherm Vajolet insert stove

Utilising the same engine as the freestanding Vajolet, this model can be built in.