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Fondis Ulys Inset Stoves

Fondis Ulys 1100 Insert Wood Stove

This large wide-screen stove with a maximum heat output of 14kW this stove has all the quality and ease of use so characteristic of Fondis stoves.

Fondis Ulys 1100XXL Inset Wood Stove

The largest of the Ulys range, this stove has a larger door than the Ulys 1100, with a large output of up to 17kW this would be suitable for the larger room.

Fondis Ulys 700 Insert Wood Stove

The smallest of the Ulys range with a maximum heat output of 10.6kW This stove has all of the qualities of the larger models, designed for the smaller fireplace.

Fondis Ulys 800 Insert Wood Stove

The portrait Ulys 800 allows the flames to rise more vertically allowing a beautiful flame pattern.With a maximum heat output of 13.5kW this stove is suited to most rooms.

Fondis Ulys 900 corner inset stove

The corner version of the Ulys 900, this stove offer a unique lifting door mechanism enabling this stove to also be used as an open fire. The picturesque flames can be viewed from two sides giving a wider view of the flames.

Fondis Ulys 900 double sided inset stove

The Ulys 900 double sided stove is a remarkable double fronted inset stove. Installed in a dividing wall between rooms or in a central column the DFH700 not only warms each side up but can also provide heat to rooms above via the hot air ducting system.

Fondis Ulys 900 Insert Wood Stove

The single sided Ulys 900 is more suited for the average size room with a maximum heat output of 15.9kW this stove can not only heat the room but also rooms above via the hot air ducting system.