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Fondis V Series Inset Stoves

Fondis V100L Inset Stove
V100L Inset Stove£4,140.00 inc. VAT

The V100 is a great looking contemporary insert stove. It can warm just the room it is in or be set up to spread its heat all around the house. At just over a metre wide the Fondis V100 is a large landscape stove giving a great view of the flames.

Fondis V60L Inset Stove
V60L Inset Stove£3,400.00 inc. VAT

The Fondis V60L is a medium output woodburning inset stove. Giving out up to 7.9kW of the heat the V60L is suited to the medium sized room.

Fondis V80L Inset Stove
V80L Inset Stove£3,755.00 inc. VAT

The Fondis V80 L is a beautifully sleek modern woodburning stove that can heat a whole room or be turned right down just to keep things cosy with its flickering flames.

Fondis V80LDF Double Sided Inset Stove
V80LDF Inset Stove£5,015.00 inc. VAT

The V80LDF is a stunning double sided stove which will bring warmth and cosiness to two rooms at once. By using 'open and close' vents the amount of warmth that goes to each room can be carefully controlled.