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Klover Ecompact

Ecompacts are Klover's range of highly efficient and self cleaning utility boilers. All of Klover's trademark build quality and attention to detail yet at the same time representing great value for money. Designed to fit into the smallest space possible, and needing no access from the rear or the sides, this is the perfect boiler to fit into a garage or utility room. It has its own built-in pellet hopper and all servicing is done from the front.

The Ecompact 190 is a great example of Klover's new generation of well thought out and highly functional utility boilers. The same compact dimensions as the 150, but with a higher output, this efficient and totally automated pellet boiler will give years of trouble free service.

Model WidthHeightDepthEfficiencyNominal Output to WaterHopper Capacity
Klover Ecompact 150 Pellet Boiler1120mm1150mm500mm92.6%14.6kW55
Klover Ecompact 190 Pellet Boiler1120mm1150mm500mm92.3%18.2kW55
Klover Ecompact 250 Pellet Boiler1180mm1240mm550mm93.4%23.3kW75
Klover Ecompact 290 Pellet Boiler1180mm1240mm550mm92.7%26.8kW75