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Greenheart Workshop Stoves

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These Greenheart workshop stoves are ideal for sheds and workshops and can burn wood, offcuts, and sawdust.

Simply pour sawdust into the (unlit) workshop stove, put a lit piece of newspaper on top and you are away! (we are really impressed with just how good these stoves are for burning sawdust and heating workshops). 

A good trick if the stove is going is to use a smallish paper bag for the sawdust and then just put the whole bag in. Please either avoid burning shavings as they burn too hot, or mix them in very well with sawdust and compress. Sawdust burning workshop stoves work because the primary air intake is taken in through a tube that runs from the top of the stove down into the firebox as pictured below. 

workshop stove operation

Greenheart 3 workshop stove

Greenheart 3 workshop stove

£226.50 inc. VAT

Greenheart 4 workshop stove

Greenheart 4 workshop stove

£269.50 inc. VAT

Greenheart 1 workshop stove

Greenheart 1 workshop stove

£180.76 inc. VAT