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Woodfire EX Limestone Fireplaces

FP1 Woodfire EX Limestone Fireplace FP2 Woodfire EX Limestone Fireplace

With so many people looking for more economical and low CO2 ways to heat their house, the demand for boiler stoves continues to be strong and so we have designed a choice of fireplace surrounds to go with two Woodfire boiler stove insert models.

Both the Woodfire EX12 and the EX17 can be paired with a choice of two different limestone fire surrounds to give the classic look of a traditional, elegant fireplace and yet containing the latest in woodburning boiler stove technology. Woodfire boiler stoves work at over 80% efficiency and all their models are EcoDesign ready. They can be both be connected to an external air duct so that they work as closed appliances without affecting the airtightness or insulation level of your building.

Boiler stoves are commonly linked with a conventional boiler so that every time the stove is lit, the boiler will switch itself off. This gives you the best of both worlds whereby your heating is not totally reliant on the wood stove but, every time you light your stove, you are reducing your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

While you sit enjoying the warmth and relaxing effect that only a real fire can bring, the stove will be giving two thirds of its heat to the central heating, taking over from the conventional boiler to warm the rest of the house. Even more efficient is to link it to a thermal store, which means that not only will it heat the whole house while it is on, but it will also be storing up its heat to provide domestic hot water and central heating the next day as well, long after the stove itself has gone out.

Pallet delivery will apply if not ordered with a stove.

Model Price
FP1 limestone fire surround£1,555.00 inc. VAT
FP2 Limestone fire surround£1,495.00 inc. VAT