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Wood Pellet Stoves

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Klover Traditional Smart 80 Wood Pellet Cooker

The Klover Traditional Smart 80 central heating cooker is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler with a cookplate and hob cover making it a perfect addition to the kitchen.

Klover Smart 80 Wood Pellet central heating cooker in black

The Klover Smart 80 is a wood pellet boiler combined with a cooking hot plate. so you have a compact, modern, highly efficient pellet stove which you can heat a kettle or saucepan on, whilst also providing your domestic hot water and heating.

Klover E-Connect 1700
Klover E-Connect 1700£4,690.00 inc. VAT at 0%

Klover PFP 160 Glass
Klover PFP 160 Glass£4,925.00 inc. VAT at 0%

Klover BiFire Mid Log and Pellet Boiler Stove

The Klover BiFire Mid is a combined log and wood pellet boiler stove able to power a whole house. That little bit more compact than its bigger cousin, the BiFire Mid can still give out over 25kW of heat.

Klover Thermosuper
Klover Thermosuper£5,100.00 inc. VAT

Klover Super 7
Klover Super 7£4,848.00 inc. VAT

Klover Super 9
Klover Super 9£5,052.00 inc. VAT

Klover Dual Air Log and Pellet Stove

Klover PFP240 Glass
Klover PFP240 Glass£5,770.00 inc. VAT at 0%

Klover Mono 1000
Klover Mono 1000£4,164.00 inc. VAT

Aduro Hybrid H1 Stove
Aduro Hybrid H1 StoveRRP £5,041.03£4,285.00 inc. VAT

Aduro Hybrid H1 with its contemporary body and technological innovation is bringing wood pellet to your living room.

Klover Dual Log and Pellet Boiler
Klover Dual Log and Pellet Boiler£7,085.00 inc. VAT at 0%

The Klover Dual is a Log and Pellet Boiler which lets you use either the automated wood pellet side, the log burning side, or both at once.