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Pumice chimney system installation design service

Pumice chimney systems were first used in Denmark for use with wood burning stoves and form a durable insulated masonry chimney. Pumice chimneys are very well insulated and are a much better choice than terracotta or concrete liners which are totally unsuited for efficient modern stoves.There are two main types of pumice chimney systems:

Standard pumice chimney liners

The material costs for this type of pumice chimney liner are lower than for the DM system but the labour costs are higher and it takes longer to install and the chimney will inevitably be bigger. You might like to read more about Isokern pumice chimney liners

DM system pumice liners

Material costs are higher for DM block system but installation is much faster and easier. Ideal for self-build, the DM system forms the smallest masonry chimney and so takes up less living space. DM is a modular pumice liner system with hexagonal inner liners that fit inside square outer casing sections. Ties hold the chimney into the adjacent wall or where the chimney is freestanding stainless rods can be fixed into the floor slab, run up through holes in each corner of the casings and then tensioned to strengthen the chimney. You might like to read more about Isokern DM pumice chimney system

Pumice liner Chimney design

Please fill in the answers to these questions and send it through to our flue section and we will design the chimney and come back to you with a complete components list and costings. 

Please contact us and one of our flue design experts will get back to you.