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ACR Multifuel Free Standing Stoves

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Woodpecker WP5
Woodpecker WP5RRP £885.00£840 inc. VAT

A cast iron stove with a fantastic view of the fire

Woodpecker WP5 Plus
Woodpecker WP5 Plus RRP £965.00£915 inc. VAT

Woodpecker WP5Q-LS
Woodpecker WP5Q-LSRRP £1,245.00£1,185.00 inc. VAT

Woodpecker WP5Q-P
Woodpecker WP5Q-PRRP £1,289.00£1,225.00 inc. VAT

ACR Earlswood Stove
ACR Earlswood StoveRRP £1,525.00£1,295.00 inc. VAT

The clean design of the Earlswood makes this stove suitable for all types of setting.

ACR Earlswood LS stove
ACR Earlswood LS stoveRRP £1,875.00£1,595.00 inc. VAT

The taller version of the Earlswood with integral log store.

ACR Astwood stove
ACR Astwood stoveSpecial Offer Price £1,340.00
(RRP £1,790.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £450.00)

The fine looking 5kw Astwood will suit a medium to large sized room.

ACR Malvern stove
ACR Malvern stoveSpecial Offer Price £1,165.00
(RRP £1,545.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £380.00)

The Malvern is a classic little 5kW burner while the Malvern LS has the integral log store fitted underneath the firebox.

ACR Malvern LS stove
ACR Malvern LS stoveRRP £1,915.00£1,630.00 inc. VAT

The Malvern stove with integral log store.

ACR Buxton stove
ACR Buxton stoveRRP £1,750.00£1,490.00 inc. VAT

The larger 5kw ACR Buxton multifuel, stove suitable for smoke controlled areas.

ACR Oakdale stove
ACR Oakdale stoveRRP £1,199.00£1,020.00 inc. VAT

The cast iron 5kw Oakdale multifuel stove is suitable for cities that are classed as a smoke controlled area.

ACR Ashdale stove
ACR Ashdale stoveRRP £1,425.00£1,210.01 inc. VAT

The Ashdale is one of the larger kw output models from ACR, giving out 7kw, making it suitable for a medium sized room.

ACR Rowandale stove
ACR Rowandale stoveRRP £1,399.00£1,189.99 inc. VAT

For a small 5kw stove the Rowandale has a very wide window on the flames.