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Dovre Multifuel Free Standing Stoves

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Dovre 225 multifuel stove

Dovre 225 multifuel stove

£1,139 inc. VAT

The Dovre 225 is a very distinctive stove and was inspired by the 1950's period. It has a modern yet traditional look and combines the past with the modern technologies of airwash and cleanburn. With these technologies, you get a great view of the flames through the window.

Dovre 250 MFR multifuel stove

A handsome 5 KW stove, the Dovre 250 multifuel stove has a riddling grate, airwash, and a large glass door panel. Being slightly wider than most other 5 kw multifuel stoves gives the Dovre 250 that extra bit of firebox size so useful when wood burning.

Dovre Astroline 3CB multifuel stove