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Types of wood boiler stove

Choosing the best woodburning boiler stove to go into a linked system is simplified by the fact that you don’t have to match the stove’s output to the total heat demand of your house. A larger output stove will let you burn more wood, but any boiler stove you add in will lead to a reduction in oil and gas bills - how much you save will be decided mostly by how often you light the stove and how long you run it for.  Every boiler stove gives part of its heat to the room and part to heating water so it’s important that the stove doesn’t overheat the room where it is installed while it’s heating the rest of the house. Unless the house is very open plan, or the warmth can easily spread upstairs, aim for a boiler stove that gives more of its heat to the water and less to the room.

Here are a range of boiler stoves that can be linked into your existing system showing the outputs to water and to the room, and if it can be connected directly into a Pressurised system (P) and can have an Overheat Safety Valve (OSV).

Traditional freestanding boiler stoves

Woodfire Passiv - 7kW to water, 3 kW to room (P & OSV)

Parkray Aspect 14B 4.8kW to water, 5.5kW to room

Dik Geurts Ivar 10 H2O 5.5kW to water, 4.7kW to room (P & OSV)

Contemporary freestanding boiler stoves

Opus Calypso 4.9kW to water, 3.4kW to room (P & OSV)

Woodfire CX8 5.4kW to water, 2.6kW to room (P & OSV)

Woodfire CXC8 5.4kW to water, 2.6kW to room (P & OSV)

Walltherm Vajolet 8kW to water, 2kW to room (P & OSV)

Insert boiler stoves

Woodfire EX10, EX15 and EX22 8.5 18.5kW to water, 1.5 3.1kW to room (P & OSV)

Woodfire  EX12 and EX15 Panorama 7.5 9.9kW to water, 4.4 to 6.9kW to room (P & OSV)

Hoxter Inserts 8 10kW to water, 3 4kW to room (P & OSV)

Double sided insert boiler stoves

Woodfire EX12 Panorama DS   6.5kW to water, 6.1kW to room  (P & OSV)

Woodfire EX17 Panorama DS   8.7kW to water, 8.9kW to room  (P & OSV)

Kitchen boiler ranges

Wamsler K148 16.5kW to water, 6.5kW to room  (P & OSV)

De Manincor FKA900 - 16kW to water, 4kW to room (P & OSV)