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Fondis Stella 3 Inset Stoves

Fondis Stella 3 DFH700 double sided inset stove

The Stella 3 DFH700 is a stunning double sided woodburning inset stove. Installed in a dividing wall between rooms or in a central column the DFH700 not only warms each side up but also adds to the sense of space.

Fondis Stella 3 H1000 inset stove
Stella 3 H1000 inset stove£5,845.00 inc. VAT

The largest model in the Stella 3 range, The H1000 offers a large viewing glass giving a superb view of the fire from anywhere in the room.

Fondis Stella 3 H600 inset stove
Stella 3 H600 inset stove£5,250.00 inc. VAT

The medium sized H600 inset stove has an output of up to 11kW so needs a smaller chamber but still gives that 'window of fire' look.

Fondis Stella 3 H700 inset stove
Stella 3 H700 inset stove£5,310.00 inc. VAT

The single sided Fondis Stella 3 H700, has all the quality and ease of use so characteristic of Fondis stoves.

Fondis Stella 3 V350 inset stove
Stella 3 V350 inset stove£5,175.00 inc. VAT

The smallest model in the Stella 3 range, offering an output of 7.5kW, the V350 has all of the qualities of the larger models but designed for the smaller fireplace.