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Twin wall flue

Clearline AKW (125mm and 150mm) is a stainless steel insulated chimney designed to be used with solid fuel, biomass, oil or gas and with both condensing and non-condensing boilers. It is suitable for a wide variety of different applications and is available in a polished stainless or black finish. It has a fully welded inner and outer with rockwool and ceramic fibre insulation. It is designed to withstand continuous high temperature use, can deal with condensation and is extremely resistant to corrosion.

Safety has always been at the forefront of Clearline design. By utilising a push fit jointing system Clearline does away with the hot spots found with twist lock flue systems and its unique addition of a ceramic wool section at every joint means that it is easy to assemble and yet maintains its thermal integrity throughout its length.

Clearline AKW has been tested to have a working temperature of 600 degrees, which is 150 degrees more than most systems on the market. Clearline AKW can be installed within 50mm of combustible material.

Clearline AKW is HETAS Approved and CE marked EN1856-1 T600

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If you want to be sure that your flue and chimney system is just right then our Flue Design Service is for you. We'll ask for some simple details from you, design your system so it works and is safe and then run through it with you, making any adjustments needed. Better still: it's free.