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Stoves on boats and barges

Fitting a stove into a boat

Stoves in canal boats, long boats or barges We have designed many stove installations for boats and barges. Some of the considerations for boat stoves are size & reliability. To some people the option of heating water and/or running a small radiator appeals. Morso Squirrel stove is quite a favourite with a lot of people looking for a stove for this sort of setting.
The Morso Squirrel cleanheat is a popular stove for a boat because it is efficient yet small and robust.

The Squirrel is available with a stainless steel back boiler that can easily heat hot water on a boat as well as power a radiator.

You will of course have to be especially careful about installation inside a boat - it is a smaller space & you will often have combustible material nearby which may need heat shielding or cladding. Thermalux boards are great for insulating and heat shielding.

As with other stoves you will have to consider the plinth of non-combustible material to place the stove on.

The technical team will assist you to make sure your flue pipe is designed to fit your circumstances. We recommend a flue system where the outside part of the system is easily disconnected and stowed away and the flue stub is capped off during summer or when the boat is sailing.

We carry a range of stove flue suited to fitting a stove into a boat including a suitable deck/cabin roof flashing (our 'Clearline EPDM Flashing') that will seal to any roof or deck profile making a completely watertight seal between the deck and the flashing and between the flashing and the flue pipe.

Other small stoves to consider for the smaller setting of a boat or caravan would be Small Arada stoves, or Mendip stoves.

Stoves installed into boats need to be installed according to BS 8511:2010. British Standards are expensive but luckily Soliftec have released this rather helpful information leaflet about installing boats on stoves