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Klover Miss Air Pellet Stove

The Miss is the latest wood pellet stove from Klover, a beautifully simple stove that hides within it a highly sophisticated combustion system. If you’ve ever dreamt of having a real fire but don’t relish the idea of carting logs around and having to light it every time you want some warmth, then this little beauty is for you.

It will light itself first thing in the morning so that your house is warm when you first come down. It will turn itself down when the room has reached the desired temperature and light itself again if it cools down. All you have to do is top up the pellet hopper every day or two. Come evening time it’s there to fill your room with firelight and give you a beautiful fire to sit by.

If you have electric, gas or oil heating, and want to reduce your reliance on ever more expensive fossil fuels, this is a great way to let a clean, renewable, low carbon fuel take over a chunk of your heating. Wood pellets are produced right here in Britain and while electricity, oil and gas prices soar, pellet costs have stayed remarkably stable. 

Burning at over 91% efficiency, the Miss will spread up to 6.4 kWs of heat around your home and all at the touch of a button. And if it turns cold while you’re out and the stove is off, you can even light it from your mobile phone!
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  • Height750mm
  • Width502mm
  • Depth540mm
  • FuelWood Pellet
  • Nominal Heat Output6.4kW
  • Efficiency91.5%
  • Energy Efficiency ClassA+
  • Nominal Output to Room6.4kW
  • Defra ExemptYes
  • Hopper Capacity20KG


Our wood pellet boilers are installed via the Firepower network of trained dealers and engineers that cover the UK and N. Ireland.

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