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Morso Defra Exempt Free Standing Stoves

Defra Exempt Stoves
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You might like to read more in depth information about The Clean Air Act of 1956 and 1968.

A Defra Exempt stove has passed a lab test where its emissions are measured at its rated output and at a reduced rate. This is to help reduce air pollution in towns and cities that are Smoke Control Areas. A Defra Exempt stove can generally be used to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area - it actually depends what fuel the lab test was carried out with but this is nearly always firewood.

It is worth noting that the Ecodesign legislation which is due to come into force in 2022 sets what are arguably even stricter emissions limits than those set for Defra Exemption, but the framework doesn't include the low output test. We may well see the introduction of an additional low output test for stoves that can be used in Smoke Control Areas after 2022.

Morso 7943 stove
Morso 7943 stove£3,042.00 inc. VAT

04 multifuel stove
04 multifuel stove£1,395.00 inc. VAT

The Morso 04 is a clean designed UK-style box-shaped stove.

Morso 1416 Stove
Morso 1416 Stove£945 inc. VAT

Morso 1446 Stove
Morso 1446 Stove£1,081.00 inc. VAT

Morso Badger 3116 EcoDesign ready wood stove

Morso 6140 woodburning stove
Morso 6140 woodburning stove£1,700.00 inc. VAT

The 6100 come in 4 different formats. The 6140 is the smallest model and the firebox will of course be the same on all 4 models.

Morso 6143 woodburning stove
Morso 6143 woodburning stove£1,750.00 inc. VAT

The 6143 has a taller log store under the stove making the height 950mm.

Morso 7440 stove
Morso 7440 stove£2,290.00 inc. VAT

Morso 7443 stove
Morso 7443 stove£2,250.00 inc. VAT