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Stove Room Ventilation

Click to read more about the AirSmart Stove Controllers

AirSmart controllers control your stove so you don't need to keep a constant eye on it, but also open a vent to the room letting fresh air in when you open the door of the stove, a perfect match for well-sealed/airtight homes.

Click to read more about the Stove external air ventilation kits

A stoves which can take its air from an external air duct really makes sense in modern, well sealed houses. A flexible aluminium 100mm duct can be extended to 1.5m with a choice of external grilles. If you need a run of more than 1.5m then please contact us to order a custom external air kit.

Click to read more about the Stove room ventilators

We supply LookRyt room ventilators, they can ventilate rooms with stoves up to 10.5kW output and also for stoves up to 17.5kw/23kw. These ventilators are easily installed with a core drill, come with an internal and external grille, and internal baffles to cut down wind noise.