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How does a wood pellet stove work

wood pellet stove auger mechanism
A simple diagram to show the auger mechanism of a wood pellet stove

Wood pellets are dry, or a consistent size and can be fed into the fire compartment of the stove or boiler by an internal screw or auger. This means that the combustion in a pellet stove is highly controllable - a relatively small amount of pellets are burnt fiercely, with a high oxygen supply. Air is pulled through the stove by a variable speed fan which means again that the rate of burning can be regulated. This also means that the hot gasses can travel a more circuitous route, pulling as much heat out from them as possible. This is a very efficient form of combustion and is why our pellet stoves and boilers are over 90% efficient.

The heat output of the stove is regulated by changing how much fuel is being fed into the stove and changing the speed of the fan at the same time. All that is managed by a motherboard - essentially a mini computer which has various sensors attached.

The fire is started electrically so no need for matches or fire-lighters. An ignition coil ignites the first few pellets.

These pellet stoves are very automated you can set the time that they come on and off (much like a gas boiler) and also the desired level of heat output. If you want the stove to come on an hour before you get in from work then that is easily done.

There are also many central heating wood pellet stoves available that provide hot water and heating. There is a wide choice of outputs right up to large utility type boilers big enough to power even a large house which would be housed in a garage or outhouse.

Have a chat to us to see if pellet heating is the right option for you. You can have us to heat load calculations to help select the right size for your home and we can put you in touch with the local dealer or engineer in your area.