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EcoDesign Ready Stoves
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Wamsler K148 cooker stove
Wamsler K148 wood burning cooker stove AnthraciteRRP £7,236.94£6,460.00 inc. VAT

Wamsler K178 series central heating cooker stove

Esse Bakeheart Stove
Esse Bakeheart StoveRRP £3,467.00£3,120.00 inc. VAT

This A+ rated stove from Esse combines wood-fired cooking in the baking oven and on its four-zoned cooking hob, whilst providing radiant heat for the room.

ACR Malvern stove
ACR Malvern stoveSpecial Offer Price £1,165.00
(RRP £1,545.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £380.00)

The Malvern is a classic little 5kW burner while the Malvern LS has the integral log store fitted underneath the firebox.

Esse Warmheart Stove
Esse Warmheart StoveSpecial Offer Price £1,690.00
(RRP £2,269.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £579.00)

Esse's Warmheart model allows you to boil a kettle and cook a meal on your stove.

ACR Astwood stove
ACR Astwood stoveSpecial Offer Price £1,340.00
(RRP £1,790.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £450.00)

The fine looking 5kw Astwood will suit a medium to large sized room.

Vermont Intrepid II Woodburning Stove
Vermont Intrepid II EcoDesign Woodburning StoveSpecial Offer Price £2,750.00
(RRP £3,128.65 inc. VAT, a saving of £378.65)

One of the classic Vermont stoves, the Intrepid is popular with existing and new owners alike and the woodburner is now Defra Exempt. The Vermont Intrepid has the trademark window tracery, firechamber catalyst, optional warming shelves and is available in a range of fine enamelled colours.

ACR Rowandale stove
ACR Rowandale stoveRRP £1,399.00£1,120.01 inc. VAT

For a small 5kw stove the Rowandale has a very wide window on the flames.

ACR Buxton stove
ACR Buxton stoveRRP £1,750.00£1,400.00 inc. VAT

The larger 5kw ACR Buxton multifuel, stove suitable for smoke controlled areas.

ACR Earlswood LS stove
ACR Earlswood LS stoveRRP £1,875.00£1,520.00 inc. VAT

The taller version of the Earlswood with integral log store.

Dovre 250 MFR multifuel stove
Dovre 250 MFR multifuel stoveRRP £1,879.00£1,700.00 inc. VAT

A handsome 5 KW stove, the Dovre 250 multifuel stove has a riddling grate, airwash, and a large glass door panel. Being slightly wider than most other 5 kw multifuel stoves gives the Dovre 250 that extra bit of firebox size so useful when wood burning.

Vermont Defiant Woodburning Stove
Vermont Defiant EcoDesign Woodburning StoveRRP £4,384.12£3,945.00 inc. VAT

Vermont stoves are well known for their quality, effectiveness, durability and classic style. The flue pathways inside a Vermont are ingenious and they were one of the first to start using catalysts to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

Vermont Encore Woodburning Stove
Vermont Encore EcoDesign Woodburning StoveRRP £3,878.14£3,490.00 inc. VAT

The Vermont Encore woodburning stove gives you the choice of using the integrated catalyst for higher efficiency and lower emissions, or to bypass it for a more relaxed flame pattern. An 8kW woodburner, the Encore is suited to the medium sized room.

Jotul F 400 woodburning stove
Jotul F 400 EcoDesign woodburning stoveRRP £3,299.00£3,134.99 inc. VAT

The Jotul F400 Eco wood burning stove is now both Eco design ready and ok for smokeless area

Morso Squirrel 1412 smokeless zone stove
Morso Squirrel 1412 smokeless zone stoveRRP £1,350.00£1,285.00 inc. VAT

Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove

This multfuel cast iron stove has a nominal heat output between 7-8kw with a pretty decent fuel efficiency of 78%. 

Nestor Martin Stanford 12  Plus Cooktop stove
Nestor Martin Stanford 140+ 12 kW Cooktop StoveRRP £3,649.00£3,100.00 inc. VAT

The cast iron top of this stove hinges back allowing you to place your cooking pans directly on top of the stove.

Stockton 3 multifuel stove
Stovax Stockton 3 Ecodesign stoveRRP £1,145.00£895 inc. VAT

Stockton 4 multifuel stove
Stovax Stockton 4 Ecodesign stoveRRP £1,295.00£1,040.00 inc. VAT

Stockton 5 multifuel stove
Stovax Stockton 5 Ecodesign stoveRRP £1,385.00£1,180.00 inc. VAT

Stovax Stockton 8 Eco two door flat top multifuel stove

Stovax Stockton 11 single door flat top woodburning stove

Hunter Herald 14 Eco, Double Door
Hunter Herald 14 Eco, Double DoorRRP £2,100.00£1,575.00 inc. VAT

Hunter Herald 14 Eco Boiler
Hunter Herald 14 Eco BoilerRRP £3,199.00£2,400.00 inc. VAT