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Double Sided Stoves

Double Sided Stoves
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A double sided stove is perfect if you have a large room which needs a special feature, or perhaps you want to heat two rooms at the same time? You might choose a double sided stove where you have a relaxed seating area on one side and a kitchen on the other, each with a different look and feel.

When installed in a dividing wall you can gain a glimpse through to the other room, but each room still remains private. Or you might pick a double sided inset stove in which case all you see is the face of the stove in the wall on each side. 

You can usually open both doors of a double sided stove so you can refuel from either side. This opens up the possibility of having your firewood in one room and then keeping the other room more minimal.

Double sided inset stoves also look great installed into a column of cube enclosure which forms a partial partition between the rooms. This is great for open plan rooms as it enhances the sense of space, and provides an informal partition between spaces. In terms of the design of the installation rich dark colours seem to be the flavour of the moment, with bold tones taking over from white and grey. Natural textures and finishes like stone and treated metal can be used to great effect, as can incorporating seating or storage to the overall design.