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EnergyStore Bio Duo Thermal Stores

EnergyStore Bio Duo thermal stores are designed to work 'out of the box' with wood boiler stoves, wood pellet boilers and other types of biomass boiler. These thermal stores range in size from 500lt up to 3000lt as standard, with larger tanks available at request. There are tappings positioned for connecting the EnergyStore Bio Duo to the wood boiler as well as tappings intended for a conventional oil or gas boiler. On the heating side there are tappings for providing heat to your central heating system with a number of tappings to allow for various different configurations depending on the application.

If you would also like to combine your biomass boiler with a solar thermal hot water system then take a look at the EnergyStore Bio Quattro thermal stores, which have an extra 2 heat exchanger coils for solar thermal input.

Delivery charges vary depending on the volume of the store.

Model Price
ENERGYSTORE BIO DUO 1000 LT THERMAL STORE1050mm2150mm100mm3bar255kg1000£4,735.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO DUO 1500 LT THERMAL STORE1250mm2200mm100mm3bar325kg1500£5,715.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO DUO 300 LT THERMAL STORE695mm1975mm100mm3bar160kg300£3,860.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO DUO 500 LT THERMAL STORE800mm2050mm100mm3bar195kg500£4,170.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO DUO 750 LT THERMAL STORE950mm2100mm100mm3bar235kg750£4,500.00 inc. VAT
Thermal Store extras
Two removable sides for narrow access (reduction of 200mm)      £230.00 inc. VAT