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Thermal store stratification

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Thermal Stores

A thermal store (also known as a heat store or buffer tank) forms the heart of the heating system and hot water system, allowing you to link up renewable heat sources like a boiler stove, pellet boiler, and solar panels for hot water, and to store up heat in times of plenty for when it is needed later.

EnergyStore Bio Quattro Thermal Stores

The EnergyStore Bio Quattro thermal store is specifically designed for use with biomass and renewable heat sources and allows you to link in conventional oil or gas boilers if required. The densest insulation on the market lets you store heat for when it's needed. Solid-state by design, they are highly effective, with little to go wrong.

EnergyStore Bio Duo Thermal Stores

The EnergyStore Bio Duo is a thermal store specifically designed by us for use with wood and wood pellet boilers where solar thermal is not installed. High insulation values means heat can be stored up when the boiler is running, whilst the internal heat exchangers provide instant hot water for washing and bathing.

EnergyStore Bio Prime Thermal Stores

The EnergyStore Bio Prime is a high spec thermal store designed for use as a buffer or bulk heat storage tank, for wood pellet, log gasification, and woodchip boilers. There are no coils or stratification plates in this tank, if these are required then please look at the EnergyStore Bio Duo and Bio Quattro tanks.

Akvaterm Solar Thermal Stores

Akva Solar thermal stores are for installations incorporating solar thermal heating. These tanks have a solar coil and twin domestic hot water coils.

Akvaterm Geo Thermal Stores

Akvaterm AkvaGeo thermal stores are designed to be used with heat pumps and allow the heat pump to run at high efficiency for longer. Also available as solar and solar plus versions which are ideal for adding in other sources of heat.

Akvaterm Standard Thermal Stores

The Akva Standard thermal stores are perfect for installations which do not incorporate solar thermal heating. Good for use with a large boiler stove or a log gasification boiler, and available up to volumes of 10,000 lt.

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