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Items tagged Sustainability

Firewood CO2 cycle

Coal is a fossil fuel

Darfur stove, efficient stoves in sudan

We subsidised cooking stoves for displaced persons in Darfur.

CO2 fuel emissions

Do not believe the hype - wood is a low carbon fuel source, not a carbon neutral one. It is still very good.

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Promoting the worldwide adoption of clean cook stoves to improve health and reduce deforestation.

Global warming - it's getting hot in here

Climate change is happening now - we need to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we produce.

Greenhouse gas reduction top tips

Himalayan stove project

Distributing efficient stoves throughout the Himalayans to reduce de-nudation and to improve health.

trees water people

We subsidise cooking stoves for people in Guatemala and El Salvador cutting CO2 emissions and improving lives.

Kids for Kids helping people in remote Darfur by loaning goats

We support Kids for Kids, a charity helping people in villages in Sudan.

New Laos stove project - saving CO2 in Cambodia

We subsidised efficient charcoal stoves in Cambodia cutting CO2 emissions and improving lives.

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The Mangrove Action Project

We support the Mangrove Action Project, a charity helping to preserve mangroves worldwide.

Stovesonline transport emissions

We go towards offsetting our transport emissions.

Stovesonline packaging

Read about the review of our packaging. Other businesses can download a document to take advantage of what we learnt.

Stovesonline documentation

We now send all our quotes and invoices electronically to reduce waste - it's faster and better too!

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