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EnergyStore Bio Quattro Thermal Stores

EnergyStore Bio Quattro thermal stores are made specifically for combining wood or pellet burning boilers with a solar thermal hot water system. Bio Quattro thermal stores come with two solar coils (1 in 300 litre), enabling it to choose where to feed in the solar heat based on the temperature of the solar panels and the temperature of the water in the tank. This achieves fast storage of useable hot water in the top of the tank when conditions are right, and the ability to pull the last little bits of heat from the solar before it returns to the roof. This can be controlled by special solar controllers or using thermostatic valves.

Half way down the EnergyStore Bio Quattro thermal store there is a stratification baffle which helps stop the water in the tank circulating. This is important as the top of a thermal store full of 80ºC water with the rest at 20ºC is far more useable than the whole tank at 35ºC.

For domestic hot water there are 2 coils installed, one at the bottom of the tank, one at the top. The water in the bottom of an accumulator tank should be much cooler than the water at the top (a sign of good stratification). The cold mains water supply is run through the first coil at the bottom of the tank - which raises the water to this lower temperature, typically 30-40 degrees. The water then goes to the top coil where it is brought up to temperature. Because it was preheated in the bottom coil less heat is taken from the very hot water at the top of the tank which helps to maintain that nice hot water at the top = good stratification.

We have a range of immersion elements available, in 1 kW, 2kW and 3kW.  We also stock a combined 1kW and 3kW immersion. These are ideal for use with PV systems because the Feed In Tariff assumes that you consume 50% which in actual fact you usually do not. So you may have either an intelligent controller which diverts 50% of the electricity produced, storing it as hot water in the thermal store, or a more simple setup using a timer to achieve the same end. For a 4kW system the 1kW and the combined 1kW and 3kW immersions are most suitable BioSolars are insulated using high density polyurethane foam and sizes range from 300lt to 3000lt, with much larger, bespoke, tanks available on request.

Even if you are not planning to incorporate solar thermal to your system right now it can make sense to opt for a solar enabled tank to give you the extra flexibility in the future.

Model Price
ENERGYSTORE BIO QUATTRO 1000 LT THERMAL STORE1050mm2150mm100mm3bar275kg1000£6,250.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO QUATTRO 1500 LT THERMAL STORE1250mm2200mm100mm3bar335kg1500£7,230.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO QUATTRO 300 LT THERMAL STORE - 1 SOLAR COIL695mm1975mm100mm3bar170kg300£4,545.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO QUATTRO 500 LT THERMAL STORE800mm2050mm100mm3bar215kg500£5,540.00 inc. VAT
ENERGYSTORE BIO QUATTRO 750 LT THERMAL STORE950mm2100mm100mm3bar255kg750£6,020.00 inc. VAT
Thermal Store extras
Two removable sides for narrow access (reduction of 200mm)      £230.00 inc. VAT