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Contemporary Stoves

Contemporary stoves offer modern shapes, clean uncluttered lines and often huge windows. We hold a lot of contemporary stoves and everything else needed in stock, ready for delivery. Here is a selection of stoves which we think you will find useful and you can narrow down the selection using the various categories below.

Contemporary stoves come in many shapes, sizes and types. The Scandinavian style of stove is popular where the stove is tall and cylindrical, usually with a large curved glass window. The challenge in making a stove like this is to make sure that the door stays firmly closed and straight as the stove heats up because of course some parts of the door are hotter than others and metal expands when it heats up.

Then there are inset contemporary stoves which are built into the wall and often have doors that slide up and down to open, various modern takes on the traditional UK box stove and then more individual stoves with unique contemporary designs.

Please remember that we are here to help, to chat through what type of contemporary stove you'd like so we can make some suggestions. We're one of those companies that likes it when people like you give us a call.

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Below are some of the Contemporary Stoves that we supply.
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Bruno T14 Woodburning Stove

Wood Burning Contemporary Stoves (213)

AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

Multifuel Contemporary Stoves (105)

Klover Dea Eco 12 Wood Pellet stove

Wood Pellet Contemporary Stoves (23)


Stovax Riva 66 Stove

Inset Contemporary Stoves (57)

Arada i600 Slimline stove

Free Standing Contemporary Stoves (256)

Klover BiFire Utility Log and Pellet Boiler stove

Utility Contemporary Stoves (1)

Woodfire Passiv Boiler Stove

Boiler Contemporary Stoves (35)

Klover Smart 120 Wood Pellet central heating cooker

Cooker Contemporary Stoves (16)

Opus Tempo 70 Double Sided Inset

Double Sided Contemporary Stoves (22)

Fondis Ulys 900 corner inset stove

Corner Contemporary Stoves (3)

Carbel Atlas Oven Stove

Has Oven Contemporary Stoves (1)

Aduro Outdoor Fire place

Garden Contemporary Stoves (1)

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