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Wood Burning Direct Air Stoves

Your stove needs air to burn. If it can't be connected to an external air supply then it takes that air from the room - and that air has to get in somewhere, which means you end up sucking in cold outside air into your home.

Here we have Wood Burning Direct Air Stoves that can be connected to an external air supply. You simply run a duct to the outside and connect it up to the stove, usually at the back.

We list the stoves as either Partial, where only some of the combustion air is supplied via the external duct, or Total, where all of the combustion air is supplied through the duct.

We also list whether the stove is Air Sealed, meaning that openings in the stove itself have been sealed so as to minimise air leaks through the stove, important for air tightness and newbuild pressure tests.

Our technical team will be pleased to talk about the specific requirements for your project, we are always happy to help.

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Popular Wood Burning Direct Air Stoves

Dru 78 CB woodburning stove
Dru 78 CB woodburning stove£1,770.00 inc. VAT

An impressive and elegantly designed stove, the Dru 78 MF is a dedicated cleanburning woodburning stove, suited to the larger room. The Dru 78 MF can take logs of up to 600mm (over half a meter!), and has a side loading door as well as the front door.

Parkray Aspect 4 compact stove

Parkray Aspect 4 compact stove.

Parkray Aspect 14 Stove
Parkray Aspect 14 Eco Stove£1,445.00 inc. VAT

Parkray Aspect 14 stove.

Hunter Herald Allure 05 stove

Hunter Herald Allure 05

Hunter Herald Allure 07 stove
Hunter Herald Allure 07 stove£1,100.00 inc. VAT

Hunter Herald Allure 07

Esse Warmheart Stove
Esse Warmheart Stove£2,062.50 inc. VAT

Esse's Warmheart model allows you to boil a kettle and cook a meal on your stove.

Wanders Square Tunnel double sided insert stove

A beautiful double sided stove which can be sited in the centre of a large room to create a division, so creating two linked spaces with a view of the fire from either side.

Wanders Black Diamond Pedestal stove
Wanders Black Diamond Pedestal£4,905.00 inc. VAT

Dru 64 CB woodburning stove
Dru 64 CB woodburning stove£1,600.00 inc. VAT

The Dru 64 CB is a woodburning stove suited to the medium sized room. Intelligent air supply to the Dru 64 firebox means that the wood will burn efficiently and the glass stay clear of deposits – provided your wood is seasoned of course.

Parkray Aspect 5 compact stove

Parkray Aspect 5 compact stove has all the features as the 5 but in a smaller package.

ACR Larchdale stove
ACR Larchdale stove£1,775.00 inc. VAT

The ACR Larchdale is largest stove in their cast iron range.

Fondis Stella 3 H1000 inset stove
Stella 3 H1000 inset stove£5,120.00 inc. VAT

The largest model in the Stella 3 range, The H1000 offers a large viewing glass giving a superb view of the fire from anywhere in the room.

Fondis Stella 3 H600 inset stove
Stella 3 H600 inset stove£4,600.00 inc. VAT

The medium sized H600 inset stove has an output of up to 11kW so needs a smaller chamber but still gives that 'window of fire' look.

Fondis Stella 3 V350 inset stove
Stella 3 V350 inset stove£4,540.00 inc. VAT

The smallest model in the Stella 3 range, offering an output of 7.5kW, the V350 has all of the qualities of the larger models but designed for the smaller fireplace.

Fondis Ulys 700 Insert Wood Stove

The smallest of the Ulys range with a maximum heat output of 10.6kW This stove has all of the qualities of the larger models, designed for the smaller fireplace.

Di Lusso Euro R5 stove
Di Lusso Euro R5 stove£2,109.00 inc. VAT

The big window and linear design of the Di Lusso Euro R5 stove creates theatre and makes a great spectacle of the flames.

Fondis Ulys 1100XXL Inset Wood Stove

The largest of the Ulys range, this stove has a larger door than the Ulys 1100, with a large output of up to 17kW this would be suitable for the larger room.

Fondis Ulys 900 Insert Wood Stove

The single sided Ulys 900 is more suited for the average size room with a maximum heat output of 15.9kW this stove can not only heat the room but also rooms above via the hot air ducting system.

Fondis Ulys 900 corner inset stove

The corner version of the Ulys 900, this stove offer a unique lifting door mechanism enabling this stove to also be used as an open fire. The picturesque flames can be viewed from two sides giving a wider view of the flames.

Klover Dual Log and Pellet Boiler
Klover Dual Log and Pellet Boiler£6,723.37 inc. VAT at 0%

The Klover Dual is a Log and Pellet Boiler which lets you use either the automated wood pellet side, the log burning side, or both at once.

Dik Geurts Odin Stove
Dik Geurts Odin Stove£4,102.00 inc. VAT

What a lovely stove from Dik Geurts: the Odin is original and can be shown off in a variety of different ways. This is a stove to create some Wow.

Nordpeis Bergen stove
Nordpeis Bergen stove£1,565.00 inc. VAT

The simple but elegant design of the Nordpeis Bergen would suit almost any style of setting. The Bergen has a nominal output of 5kw, but has a large firebox so should be able to produce around 7kw if needed. The large rectangular glass window gives a great view of the flames.

Vermont Encore Woodburning Stove

The Vermont Encore woodburning stove gives you the choice of using the integrated catalyst for higher efficiency and lower emissions, or to bypass it for a more relaxed flame pattern. An 8kW woodburner, the Encore is suited to the medium sized room.

Walltherm Zebru Air stove
Walltherm Air stove£4,275.00 inc. VAT

The space heating version of the famous Walltherm which uses the same downward gasification technology to create an ultra clean burning stove with a high efficiency.

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